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Welcome From Your ROI Guy, Richard Seppala

Hi, and welcome to my January eZine! I'm Richard Seppala, "The ROI Guy", and we've got lots of great info for you in this issue about how to make sure your marketing dollars are being well spent.

The recession is on and you need to simultaneously streamline and maximize your sales efforts. You don't want to be throwing money down the drain on advertising that doesn't work, or losing potential customers through botched sales calls. I've set up the systems and safeguards to prevent those things from happening, and I'll be sharing some of that inside information in this eZine and in months to come.

The figures are more than scary. Experts estimate that most businesses are wasting half of their marketing dollars with either the wrong message or by the wrong placement. Not only that, employees in charge of answering phone queries are, believe it or not, often driving away prospects rather than making the sale.

You can't hit a target in the dark, unless you get really lucky or you've got a whole lot of ammo and a lot of time! Taking a good hard look at your ROI turns on the lights and lets you see what you're aiming at.

That's why measuring your "Return On Investment" isn't exactly an option in these tough times it's more of a necessity. The small amount you invest in ROI tracking will pay off ten times over by allowing you to use your limited resources to the fullest which means you spend less and make more revenue.

And isn't that every business person's dream?

Hope you enjoy my eZine and be sure to stop by www.YourRoiGuy.com for more great tips and tricks on how ROI tracking can turn it around for you!

Your ROI Guy Product of the Month: ROI Connections

Okay, so you laid out the big bucks for a huge direct response marketing campaign. You've created a monster campaign guaranteed to generate leads and coerce them into calling to check out your product or service.

One of these potential customers latches onto your marketing message, excitedly writes down the number, picks up the phone, calls...

...and a bored receptionist answers and gives the impression that they couldn't care less about why the prospect is calling. Worse yet, they don't ask for any crucial demographic or contact info. The lead is lost!

Another prospect spots your phone number and service on a Sunday afternoon. It's just what they're looking for so they lunge for the phone...

...and hear a recorded voice say, "Sorry, but our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm...at the beep, please leave your..."

Well, they've probably already hung up by then. And you've lost another lead. Because life goes on and, unless it's something urgent, the prospect who attempted to call you will most likely forget about what you have to offer.

Not connecting with interested customers because your employees aren't properly trained or it's not on your time schedule means more than losing a one-time sale. How many of those callers would have turned into good, regular customers bringing you repeat business? How much lost revenue does that turn into over a year? Over five years?

That's why I began ROI Connections, a service that helps you connect professionally with generated leads, so you won't waste the marketing time, effort and money you put into making that call happen in the first place. After all, what's the point in spending all that money advertising if no one's there to close the sale when that advertising actually works?

ROI Connections is staffed with ROI pros who know how to gather the crucial demographic/contact information you need and who have also been trained to sell your product or service in the most effective, personable way possible.

You're literally losing thousands of dollars by entrusting those calls to personnel who haven't been taught how to handle them or to a voicemail system that puts off the potential customer who's ready to buy. For an affordable fee, ROI Connections will recover all that lost revenue and make sure you continue to build your business, not watch it slip away.

And you can tailor ROI Connections to your specific needs it can either operate around the clock for you, or just during your off-business hours.

For more info about how ROI Connections can work for your business, contact me at [email protected].


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"We use it to monitor the return on investment of our ads. When it comes time to decide to do an ad again, we look at the results and decide. IF we ran an ad campaign in the newspaper and got one call and no sales, well, we probably won't do that again and we can use our advertising dollar in a more effective area. We didn't know that before TCS."

Kyle Taylor V.P. of Marketing
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"He's so amazing. He has all the answers to challenging business ideas. Radio and newspaper are calling the "The Holy Grail of Marketing". He is.... "The Einstein of Creative Sales" The "Human Lightening Rod of Innovative Marketing", "The Vince Lombardi of Creative Business Ideas."

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